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The number of rims that meet your match is 26

*Big Pimps* wheels are one of the hottest custom wheels on the market. *Big Pimps* Wheels cannot be found any cheaper anywhere else. center-caps.com stocks most *Big Pimps* custom wheels with over 200 vendors are warehouse is stocked beyond capacity. *Big Pimps* Wheels come in chrome, polish, painted, and may even come in other finishes. *Big Pimps* Center Caps come with all Wheels when ordered. *Big Pimps* Center Caps are available in Chrome, Black, or Silver. *Big Pimps* Wheels center cap are available as well. *Big Pimps* Wheels center caps can be bought in a set or singles. Also note *Big Pimps* Center Caps are a custom order, do not use *Big Pimps* Center Caps on other wheels as they will not fit correctly.

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Wheels carried in this brand are; *Big Pimps* Dabs 106, *Big Pimps* High Capper 510, *Big Pimps* Federal 619, *Big Pimps* Boss Hogg 619, *Big Pimps* D-Shiznett, *Big Pimps* D-Shiznett Black 707, *Big Pimps* Vinny 711, *Big Pimps* Vinny 711 Black, *Big Pimps* Golden Boy 712, *Big Pimps* Snoop 715, *Big Pimps* Slim 718, *Big Pimps* Little J 719, *Big Pimps* Peeps 801, *Big Pimps* OffDHeezy 803, *Big Pimps* VIP 806, *Big Pimps* Cartelly 818, *Big Pimps* Biggie 834, *Big Pimps* Mo Money 835, *Big Pimps* Esperanza 841, *Big Pimps* Eternal 841, *Big Pimps* Xtra 901, *Big Pimps* Stunter 907 Black, *Big Pimps* ForSho 996, *Big Pimps* Iminent 997, *Big Pimps* Mister 998Black, *Big Pimps* Rex,
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Looking for a Center Cap or Single Wheel?

You came to right place !! CenterCaps.cc specializes in those hard to find centercaps and single wheels. With our 225 vendors and warehouses we have a huge supply house.  

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